Shorten time-to-market and improve time-in-market

Driving the development, manufacture, testing and on-going delivery of the optics required for your product or program is what we do – from prototype to production.

We’ve designed more than 1,000 unique lens assemblies, reviewed many more customer designs and delivered more than 100,000 assemblies to customers around the world and in every industry that uses imaging optics.  The quantities for a given lens range from a single prototype to 15,000 units over 10 years (and still going).  The size of the lens assemblies ranges from 18 inches in length to less than1 inch.  

Our solutions approach encompasses the entire life cycle of your product or program.  Shorter time-to-market starts with our responsive and experienced designers, our rapid prototype manufacturing and our dedicated project management to ensure that we execute our part in your development program. 

As your program moves into higher volumes, our domestic and off-shore manufacturing capabilities provide the simplicity of a single source with the delivery benefits of dual sourcing.  Our quality assurance processes ensure that what we deliver meets or exceeds your application requirements.


Learn more about how we’ve helped 1,000s of custom optics customers and how our experience will help make your program successful.  Contact us to get started today.