Markets Served


Partner with a team that’s

already past the learning curve






We understand your requirements, regulations and a good amount of your industry-specific jargon. Our team has decades of experience serving customers in

  • Defense

  • Medical and Biomedical Diagnostics

  • Life Science Research

  • Metrology

  • Other Image-Using OEM Industries


See How We’ve Improved Our Customers’ Products, Profitability and Competitiveness


Taking the best practices from each industry and applying them to all the industries we serve benefits all of our customers and makes us a continually better company.

We work with many FDA-regulated customers and understand our obligations with regard to design, manufacturing and supply chain management that flow-down from industry regulations.

As a US company that is a supplier to the defense industry we are ITAR registered. Several members of our team, including the CEO and COO, are graduates of ITAR training. We are highly experienced in requesting and receiving US Department of State approval to work with non-US suppliers and customers on defense related programs. 

Learn more about how we’ve helped 1,000s of custom optics customers and how our experience will help make your program successful. Contact us to get started today.