Over the past few years JML has significantly enhanced its engineered assembly capability to the point where we now offer motion control and QTO capabilities in addition to the more traditional multi-element barrel assemblies. We now include custom fabricated cylinders and apsheres in our designs and also work with our customers to understand system level performance requirements at the time of optical design. We will engage in a design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis with you and actively pursue metrology enhancements in an effort to perfectly match our customer test specifications. In some cases we will also install a customer system at our facility in Rochester to achieve 1:1 correlation on customer system pass/fail criteria.

We have the capability to build assemblies under nitrogen blankets or a class 100 clean room environment and align assembly lenses using state of the art laser based alignment stations. If involved in the design phase for your lens we will include special design and manufacturability provisions for athermalization, optical desensitization and account for testing specifications up to and including thermal cycling, shock, vibe, humid and salt fog exposure. All test capabilities we have experience in.

ParameterStandard ToleranceManufacturing Limit
Lens Centration within the Barrel/Cell (mm)+/-0.0375+/-0.0200
Lens group Centration within the Barrel/Cell (mm)+/-0.0375+/-0.0200
Airspace between Elements in a Barrel (mm)+/-0.0250+/-0.0127
Doublet Centration (mm)+/-0.0375+/-0.0200
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