Design Engineering

Engineering at JML

JML is continually adding breadth and depth to our engineering resources in all aspects of the business. We support our strategy of increased vertical integration and supply of highly engineered lenses with a world class engineering team. From our design engineers designing the products all the way through metrology and process engineers building and testing product before shipping, engineers are highly involved every step of the way.

Design Engineering

Whether you already have a design or we collaborate with you to create a design, our team is focused on ensuring that the resulting optics will meet, or exceed performance requirements. We also focus on having high-yield manufacturability as your program moves from prototype to production. We’ll collaborate with your in-house or contracted designers or we’ll be your designers. JML has a knowledgeable and experienced team of mechanical and optical design engineers who understand all different types of optical systems. Our engineers are experienced with the design programs of SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, Zemax and Code V.

Process, Manufacturing, and Metrology Engineering

Following the completion of the design, JML has continued support of engineers throughout the entire process. Engineers aid in the manufacturing process to help increase product quality and throughput. Once the parts have completed the manufacturing process, engineers are involved in the final testing and verification of product before shipping to our customers. Then even after the product has left the building engineers continue to work to improve the process for any additional orders in the future.

Design and Development Work

Are you stuck on an Optical or Opto-Mechanical solution and need some help?

JML Optical supports our customers commercially and technically through the deployment of a world class engineering and program management department.  For $5000 we will assign an optical designer to you for a three day development cycle.  This is a low risk way for you to;

  • optimize your existing design
  • develop the framework of a design from the ground floor
  • troubleshoot an existing design for manufacturing or performance problems

The deliverable of this program is a detailed engineering report outlining our findings in support of the original scope and a 2 hour question and answer period with the engineers who worked on your design.  If you like what we’ve developed and wish to pursue it further we will prepare a detailed cost estimate for you and assign the same engineer for further development with you. If you require a prototype quickly we’ll even engage our dedicated QTO program to get you an assembly in a few weeks for installation and testing on your system.

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