JML Optical Industries, LLC recently launched QuickTurn Optics™, a rapid prototyping capability for custom, precision optical lens assemblies and components. Customers can now have custom optical assemblies in as little as 4 weeks compared to a normal lead time of 10-12 weeks and custom component optics in 3 weeks (or less) compared to the typical 8-10 weeks.

“Time to market is an increasingly critical success factor for many of our customers,” noted Bob Bicksler, President and CEO of JML Optical. “Our goal in making the substantial investments in people and equipment required to make QuickTurn Optics™ a reality is to increase the competitiveness of our customers in their respective markets.”

Several companies have already leveraged this capability for both complex optical assemblies and basic components. These products have ranged from a 10-element assembly to single element lenses and mirrors in quantities from 4 to 25 units.

Pictometry International, the geospatial industry’s recognized provider of aerial oblique imagery, recently had JML Optical design a custom, high-resolution lens assembly. After design approval, Pictometry required four of the new lenses within a tight timeframe. Frank Giuffrida, Pictometry’s Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer, explained, “We have a limited time window to develop, test and deploy new capabilities. Waiting 12 weeks for prototypes and an additional 12 weeks for production quantities simply won’t work in our fast-paced industry. JML Optical delivered the four prototype lenses in a fraction of the normal lead time, enabling us to meet our deadline for the project.”

QuickTurn Optics™ employs lean manufacturing principles, highly skilled opticians and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment from OptiPro®. Gregg Sadwick, Chief Operating Officer at JML Optical, commented that “The combination and coordination of our processes, people and manufacturing equipment are the reasons we are able to offer this valuable option. Even more, we make the progression from prototype to production easy for customers since we manufacture custom optics in both small and large quantities.”

About JML Optical Industries, LLC

JML Optical solves customers’ imaging challenges through the design, manufacture and testing of custom optical assemblies, components and systems. Founded in 1972 and located in Rochester, NY, today JML Optical is an integrated designer and maker of custom, precision optics serving all industries that use imaging optics including defense, medical and bio-medical diagnostics, life science research, metrology and biometrics.

About Pictometry International

With the merger of EagleView and Pictometry in January 2013, a new company has emerged offering full technology solutions in the GIS, measurement and analytical space.

Serving multiple industries, the company invented aerial oblique image capture and leads the market with patented technology in structural measurements using 3D technology and specializes in delivering innovative software and solutions focused on automating manual services.