The Engineering Department at JML is ready to help with your most difficult problems in:

  • optical and opto-mechanical design
  • optics manufacturing
  • opto-mechanical assembly
  • optical metrology

Our engineers work on site, a few steps from the shop floor, and are integrated into all product teams along with our purchasing, fabrication, assembly, and metrology experts. With a focus on Design for Manufacturability (DFM) we can help you find ways to increase your production yield, without sacrificing quality. Our engineering department is fluent with the design software of SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD, Zemax and Code V.


Our design engineers can start with your idea and develop it to a fully detailed, manufacturable design. We can also help you optimize your design for performance, size, weight, manufacturability, ruggedness, or whatever other factors are important to your application.  We can work with your engineering team to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production.

We have designed and manufactured opto-mechanical assemblies that push the theoretical limits of performance.  Whether it is a single lens element, doublets, or full complex assemblies, the same attention to design factors up front assure both high yield and quality in meeting your needs.


Our design and process engineering team work closely with all steps of the product development to assure that the results offer the highest production yield and meet or exceed your performance requirements.

During the prototype stage, engineering often uncovers small process or design enhancements that can have positive results in optical performance or manufacturability. Once the parts have completed the manufacturing process, engineers are involved in the final testing and verification before shipping to our customers. After product delivery, the engineers continue to work to improve the process for future orders.


Are you faced with an optical or opto-mechanical challenge? Do you need a second engineering opinion? Are you looking to improve upon your product’s optical performance? Wondering if you can achieve a higher production yield? Is your own optical engineering department stretched thin?

JML’s Quick DesignTM service can provide you with fast-tracked engineered support to your optical needs.

You can tap into our world-class optical/mechanical engineering team and get answers within 5-8 business days for a flat rate. We can help you with:

  • Optimizing your existing design
  • Developing the framework of a design from the ground up
  • Troubleshooting an existing design for manufacturing or performance problems

What you receive:

  • A detailed engineering report outlining our findings in support of the original scope of the work request
  • Recommendation of design solutions and options
  • Offering a prototype path

Do you need a finished sample or products delivered quickly? We offer QuickTurn OpticsTM for the rapid production of lens elements and even full assemblies, saving up to 75% off normal production times.

Any of this additional work would be done following a detailed cost and schedule estimate for any additional engineering and/or production work performed at our normal rate schedules.

JML Optical has several ways we can quickly help you get closer to our finished solution, with a rapid time-to-market mindset.

Quick Design starts with a no obligation inquiry to our engineering team.

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