At JML Optical, we supply custom optical and optomechanical solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. One of our areas of expertise is in the design, engineering, and manufacture of acylindrical lenses, which are optical components that combine the aberration-reducing benefits of an aspheric lens with the one-dimensional focusing of a cylinder lens. The following case study highlights our acylinder manufacturing capabilities.

The Challenge

A client doing business in the semiconductor and life sciences industries submitted an order for acylindrical lenses. Previously, they had partnered with vendors who had not provided components that met their specifications for surface figure and roughness. As a result, they were seeking out a new partner who could produce optics to their requirements and restrictions. Additionally, they wanted to keep the project’s cycle time short and price point low. 

In addition to meeting the customer’s request for a production solution with short cycle times and low price points, our team needed to develop a new, complex capability. While we were experienced in the manufacture of cylindrical lenses, we had not yet pursued acylinder manufacturing.

The Solution

Despite the many challenges we faced in this project, we had everything we needed to successfully deliver a solution to the customer. We already had the equipment to make and measure acylinders on hand, so it was only a matter of taking the knowledge and skills we gained through our extensive experience making cylindrical lenses and applying it to learning how to use the manufacturing and metrology equipment in new ways.

Key employees who worked on this project include:

  • The Vice President (VP) of Operations, who coordinated for support from an outside expert from our network
  • The Technical Lead and a Senior Optician, who worked with the expert, performed experiments, and gradually optimized the process to reduce cycle time

The Results

Our team was able to produce acylindrical lenses that provided a diffraction-limited line focus. This quality is essential for certain high-performance optical systems. Upon receipt, the client commented that they were the best acylindrical lenses they had ever measured. They were so happy with our product that they ordered more parts.

Partner With JML Optical on Your Next Optics Project

Need acylindrical optical components or assemblies? Partner with the optics experts at JML Optical! We have the equipment, knowledge, and skills to produce quality acylindrical lenses, something that few companies have. Additionally, we are willing to take risks developing new capabilities to accommodate customer needs, so you can always rely on us to deliver an optical solution that meets your specifications and standards. To learn more about our custom capabilities or talk about your acylindrical optics specifications with one of our representatives, contact us or request a quote today.