Automotive & Industrial

The Automotive and Industrial markets are areas where JML Optical has become a proven supplier of components and complete precision optical assemblies.

Automotive Market

“Keep an eye on the road” has an all new meaning in the Automotive Market. Optical systems are prevalent within the vehicle transportation ecosystem like never before. Today’s built-in rearview cameras are likely a precursor to the autonomous (driverless) vehicle of tomorrow.

The Automotive optical market represents diverse needs, such as:

  • Diagnostic tools using optical and laser systems to check parameters such as wheel alignment.
  • Highway cameras that monitor traffic flow
  • Cameras that read license plates to automatically collect tolls as vehicles speed by them

JML Optical is in the passenger seat with some key clients in this market.

We are a proven supplier of components for such systems as:

  • Under car maintenance equipment
  • Laser alignment tools
  • Vehicle proximity sensors

Industrial Market

The Industrial Market requires smart, lean manufacturing that demands constant process knowledge and control. More components are being assembled with the use of robotics. High speed cameras capture fast production processes. Product quality control and testing are using narrow wavelength spectrometers, infrared, color measuring, fluorescence, absorbance and reflection techniques to spot hidden flaws. And inventory tracking throughout the manufacturing supply chain uses laser scanners to assure just-in-time delivery of materials.

Industrial optical systems have seen explosive growth over the past decade. Optical applications are expected to continue to grow as more automation ventures into both assembly and product testing.  The trend of Industry 4.0 (I4) points to new advanced automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. New developments in: cyber-physical systems, the internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, and advanced fault diagnosis on the level of self-awareness and self-predictiveness are being formulated. Such advanced production and monitoring systems will include “seeing” in some way for process control, verification, and inspection.

JML supplies several major players who create manufacturing control and inspection apparatus. The optical requirements for this market often involve special coatings, beam splitters, laser beam control, and high-performance imaging lenses.

We are a proven supplier of components and complete assemblies for such systems as:

  • Robotic vision control
  • Laser bar code readers
  • Visual inspection systems
  • Multispectral sensing and imaging
  • Spectrometers

Examples of JML Optical impact in Automotive and Industrial markets:

  • More than 14,000 50mm ELF F/2.0 general imaging lenses
  • Over 500 lenses for automotive maintenance market
  • We have supplied over 200 clients in this market in the past year.

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