Life Science & Medical Devices

The Life Science and Medical Device market includes equipment used in laboratory work, diagnostic instrumentation, and medical equipment.

The product design requirements for these precision optical applications often entail high-magnification with low distortion, compactness, special spectral coatings, extremely tight tolerances in assembly, and portability. Some of this end-use equipment falls under FDA regulation requirements.

Medical Technology

The medical technology market is one of JML’s premier areas of expertise.  Components and assemblies from JML Optical are found in medical facilities, research laboratories, pathology and diagnostic clinics, and pharmaceutical operations.  We are where technology and biology connect. JML works for large and small biotechnology companies that make a difference in people’s lives every day, around the world.

We are a proven supplier of components and complete assemblies for such systems as:

  • Genome (DNA/RNA) sequencing platforms
  • Advanced medical diagnostic imaging
  • Blood/specimen analysis systems
  • Microscopes
  • Live Cell quantitative assessments
  • Operating room micro-surgery robotics
  • Food/agriculture analysis

Design and Manufacturing Impact

Examples of JML Optical impact in design and manufacturing:

  • Over 10,000 14mm EFL f/0.6 lenses made for a medical diagnostics platform
  • 3,821 Biometric optical assemblies of 30mm EFL f/5.6
  • 1,700+ 26mm EFL f/3.3 optical assemblies for a life science research system
  • Over 170 clients supported in this market during the past 12 months.


Optical design team discovered that biometrics client requested a lens that was not the best match for its new product design.


Manufacturing a high volumes, customer-designed, precision optical assembly for an FDA-regulated medical device.

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