Optical Lenses are often categorized by their shape. Two common surface shapes are spherical and aspherical. Each offers unique characteristics that make it suitable for different use cases.

JML Optical has been delivering custom-engineered optical solutions for nearly 50 years and is one of the leading optical manufacturers in America. We provide rapid design, prototyping, and fabrication services for demanding industries, including the semiconductor industry. Throughout this industry, wafer inspection equipment is used that requires complex assemblies featuring precision optics.

As semiconductor features have become smaller, the silicon wafers used as substrates have become larger.  This creates a demand for advanced inspection tools that can accurately assess the wafers quickly and reliably. JML Optical manufactures custom optics and optical assemblies that are vital to the semiconductor industry.


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The technology used to manufacture semiconductor chips requires state-of-the-art inspection tools to ensure chip architecture and performance are accurate. These tools utilize high-quality optics, precision passive and active mechanics, and optical assemblies. 

Optics used in semiconductor manufacturing must be be high-performing and expertly manufactured. There are many uses for optical components and assemblies in the semiconductor industry, including:

  • Flat-panel display measurement tools
  • Defect mapping systems: white/dark field, photoluminescence, NIR
  • Wafer inspection tools
  • Interferometric topography inspection

Semiconductor optical amplifiers are also used to provide wavelength conversion, amplify signals, provide lossless optical switching, and more. Optics also produce high-resolution images that are compatible with multiple systems, including laser illumination and precision motion control systems. 

Custom Solutions

JML Optical has been a long-time trusted partner for the semiconductor industry. With over four decades of experience, we provide solutions for the most challenging optical design applications. JML Optical specializes in custom-designed aspherical, spherical, flat,  and cylindrical optics that facilitate high-resolution imaging and state-of-the-art data collection. Our products are used in wafer inspection applications, metrology systems, and more. 

Some of our custom solutions include:

  • Custom microscope objectives operating between 400nm to 2.4μm
  • Optomechanical subsystems
  • Precision optical lenses, including those for high-throughput inspection tool line generation applications
  • Large optical assemblies for wafer inspection, including 350 mm diameter spherical optics 

Semiconductor Optics from JML Optical 

Semiconductors are a critical component of products and devices ranging from consumer products to medical devices, automotive, industrial components, and more. Due to their small size and high-performance requirements, producing semiconductors is challenging. Expertly produced optics and optical assemblies play a crucial role in the manufacturing and inspection of semiconductors.

JML Optical is ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR-certified, ensuring high-quality optical solutions for semiconductor applications. From concept to prototype and production, we complete each manufacturing stage under one roof, allowing us to deliver finished products quickly, without any wasted time. Our engineering team is highly experienced in designing and manufacturing the components and assemblies required by the semiconductor industry.

To learn more about optics in the semiconductor industry you can download our free eBook. To get started developing a custom solution for your application, contact us or request a quote today.