JML offers extensive and proven expertise in the designing and building of complex lens assemblies.


Because of our advanced capability, our assembly operation has grown to be the majority of our business. We can take on the most challenging optical and optomechanical projects.

Under one roof, we provide you with:

  • World-class design engineering team
  • Full custom manufacturing capabilities
  • Complex assemblies, including in our nitrogen chamber and class 100 cleanroom
  • Custom and progressive metrology department
  • Thin-film coatings
  • Environmental testing

JML’s advanced assembly abilities have allowed us to meet challenging projects that include: doublets, triplets, intricate viewing prism/optical systems, wide field of view (FOV), fast lenses, athermal lens systems, focus/zoom designs, and more.


Through the decades, we have accumulated an assembly database that includes the tolerance capabilities within our own fabrication, assembly, and metrology processes. This data is incorporated into our design process, giving us accurate, predictive modeling for both product performance and success in manufacturability.

JML’s advanced assembly & testing capabilities include: laser alignment stations, full-field automatic MTF testing, active alignment, numerous interferometers, and most importantly – a highly experienced, knowledgeable, and capable workforce. 

Assembly level specifications

Parameter Spec
Distortion < 0.2%
On & Off Axis MTF Diffraction limited (finite and infinite object distances)
Boresight < 0.5 mrad Very assembly specific and could be lower
Spot Size Diffraction limited (finite and infinite object distances)
Field Curvature Design < 10 microns, measure to < 1 microns
Focal Length Tolerance < 0.1%
Mechanical Hold dimensions < 0.0005”
Assembly Process Position lens components < 10 microns
Thermal -20oC – 80oC


Our Assembly area also includes the capabilities for our QuickTurn Optics services.

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