Reference Information

Engineering and technical resources to aid in the development, design and manufacturing of precision optical systems and lens assemblies.

Glossary of Terms

View glossary for definition of technical terms related to precision optics and lens assemblies. View glossary>

Technical Notes

Common Symbols and Abbreviations

Technical reference information on common optical system symbols and abbreviations. Learn More>

Manufacturing Tolerances

Technical note discusses manufacturing tolerances. Once a satisfactory design has been achieved, the goal is to successfully fabricate optical elements. Learn More>

Index of Refraction

Technical note on index of refraction and how if affects system behavior and performance. Learn More>

Third-Order Seidel Aberrations

Technical note on how Third-Order Seidel Aberrations affect optical system performance. Learn More>

Theories & Formulas

Technical note, theories and formulas on fundamental properties within an optical system. Learn More>

Positive & Negative Components

Technical note discusses two types of optical components that can be defined in terms of their effect on an incident-light beam. Learn More>

Modulation Transfer Function

Technical note discusses optical system properties quantified by the Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). Learn More>


Understanding Tradeoffs in Lens Performance

Technical article that first appeared in Quality magazine discusses the temptation when choosing a lens for a machine vision system to want more of everything—resolution, field of view, temperature range—because the system is only as good as its lens. Learn More>

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