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Engineering and technical resources to aid in the development, design, and manufacturing of precision optical components and lens assemblies.

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Impact of Optics in Medical Industry

The Impact of Optics in Life Science and Medical Markets

Today, life science researchers and medical professionals employ the use of a wide range of tools, equipment, and systems for…read more

Download Our Guide To Aspherical Optics

This guide outlines the functionality, advantages and application examples typical of aspheric lenses, as well as an overview of aspheric optics fabrication and manufacturing.

Optical Lenses

How to Save Time (and Money) When Specifying Optical Glass

The glass types selected for an optical component or system can have a noticeable impact on price, lead time (both…read more

Biometrics imaging

Taking The Lead

Challenge: A global company that builds world-class products for scanning solutions discovered a problem after moving a product from the…read more

Optical Lenses

Troubleshooting a Challenging Performance Issue

Challenge: JML Optical was contracted to make in high volumes a customer-designed, precision optical assembly for an FDA-regulated medical device….read more

Aerial photography

Design Hits New Performance Heights

Challenge: An international aerial imaging company approached JML with a new lens assembly concept that required design and fabrication expertise….read more

Imaging scanning applications

Going Beyond the Quote

Challenge: A long-time biometrics client requested a quote for a higher quantity of their usual go-to JML lens for use…read more

Precision optical engineer at work

Innovation In Manufacturing

Challenge: The concave-plano coated mirror included a center hole with extremely tight tolerances for concentricity and a “no chips allowed”…read more

Manufacturing Tolerances Screen Shot

Manufacturing Tolerances

Once a satisfactory design has been achieved, the optical element must be fabricated. The fabrication process determines the final shape…read more

MTF Evaluation Screen Shot

MTF Evaluation

Up to this point, this discussion has considered the performance of the optical system only in terms of image location….read more

Third Order Seidel Aberrations

Third-Order Seidel Aberrations

The derivations of the previous equations for the object, image and focal distances assumed n1θ1 = n2θ2. However, Snell’s Law…read more

Theories And Formulas Screen Shot

Theories & Formulas

Sign Conventions Before proceeding with the methods of analysis for an imaging system, a few sign conventions must be established….read more

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