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Engineering and technical resources to aid in the development, design, and manufacturing of precision optical components and lens assemblies.

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Acylinders vs. Cylinders

Optical lenses are transparent materials used to refract light waves and control light beams. Two common types of optical lenses include cylinder lenses and acylinder lenses, and which one you…read more

Bruker Lens Assembly

Planning an Optical Assembly? Here’s What to Consider When Looking for a Solutions Provider

Optical assemblies play a critical role in the function of optical systems. As a result, they must be designed and…read more

Applications of Cylindrical Lenses Across Different Industries

  An optical lens is a transparent glass material used to bend (refract) light waves and is used to guide, control, and focus light beams. They are designed and manufactured…read more

Advanced Optics Used in the Medical Diagnostics & Life Sciences


Our eBook details the considerations, challenges and solutions kept in mind when manufacturing precision optics for medical applications across clinical and laboratory settings.

Aspheric vs. Spheric Graphic

Spherical vs. Aspheric Lenses: How They’re Used in Imaging Applications

The following article focuses on spherical and aspherical lenses, outlining their distinct properties, key benefits, and typical applications.  Spherical Lenses Spherical lenses—also sometimes referred to as singlets—are optical lenses that…read more

Optical Assemblies eBook Cover

Download Our eBook: Top Design Engineering Considerations For Optical Assemblies

Our eBook provides an overview of the considerations to keep in mind when planning the manufacture of an optical assembly.

Impact of Optics in Medical Industry

The Impact of Optics in Life Science and Medical Markets

Equipment like optical microscopes, fluorescence readers and internal optical scopes are used across a wide variety of end test applications….read more

Download Our Guide To Aspherical Optics

This guide outlines the functionality, advantages and application examples typical of aspheric lenses, as well as an overview of aspheric optics fabrication and manufacturing.

Optical Lenses

How to Save Time (and Money) When Specifying Optical Glass

The glass types selected for an optical component or system can have a noticeable impact on price, lead time (both…read more

Taking The Lead

Challenge: A global company that builds world-class products for scanning solutions discovered a problem after moving a product from the…read more

Optical Lenses

Troubleshooting a Challenging Performance Issue

Challenge: JML Optical was contracted to make in high volumes a customer-designed, precision optical assembly for an FDA-regulated medical device….read more

Aerial photography

Design Hits New Performance Heights

Challenge: An international aerial imaging company approached JML with a new lens assembly concept that required design and fabrication expertise….read more

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