Optical Lenses are often categorized by their shape. Two common surface shapes are spherical and aspherical. Each offers unique characteristics that make it suitable for different use cases.

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For more than 40 years, JML Optical has pioneered the development and manufacturing of advanced precision lenses and optical solutions. We specialize in rapid design and prototyping of specialty optical lenses and assemblies, including cylindrical, aspherical, spherical, and plano lenses.

Night vision optics are increasingly used in military, aerospace, and civilian applications to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. JML’s knowledgeable designers and engineers have extensive experience in the development of low-light and night-vision solutions for specialty applications.


The night vision manufacturing industry primarily supports the military and defense sectors. Civilian participation in the market, particularly for aerospace applications, is showing a marked increase, which means that more night vision applications are being incorporated into aerospace equipment. 

JML’s seasoned design and engineering teams are continuously working to create low-light solutions using visible and near-infrared optics for critical applications in the aerospace and defense sectors. JML Optical is committed to creating custom solutions that enhance the safety and effectiveness of night vision applications where low-light conditions can affect performance. Our lightweight night vision devices are incorporated into everything from military night vision goggles to laser guidance and spectral imaging equipment. 


Low-light visibility is an increasingly common need for military, defense, and aerospace operations, where enhanced visibility saves lives. JML’s low light and night vision optical systems are used to facilitate these operations through a variety of applications, including: 

Infrared/ Thermal Imaging

Infrared imaging is used to provide military and defense personnel with high-resolution vision in dark areas with little or no light. JML makes eyepieces to complement the thermal objective lens assemblies. We make objective and eyepiece lens assemblies for NIR/SWIR applications.  Since thermal and infrared imaging equipment is often incorporated into portable or airborne equipment, we aim to provide lightweight, compact optical assemblies that are robust enough to withstand a range of environmental conditions. We understand that cost is a priority, which is why we use the latest technology to produce cost-effective optics to meet tight budgetary requirements. 

Low Light Imaging

JML Optical provides cutting-edge optics technology as part of state-of-the-art low light image systems. Our objective lenses are corrected over the visible and near-IR spectrum, over a wide field-of-view, allowing specialized focal planes to create detailed, high-resolution images of low light scenes. 

Cutting-Edge Night Vision Technology From JML Optical

At JML Optical, we pride ourselves on providing custom-designed precision optical solutions for our customers in every industry. With more than four decades of experience, our seasoned team of designers and engineers are capable of producing top-of-the-line night vision optical devices that meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards and customer requirements. 

JML Optical’s lean manufacturing center and cleanroom facility are engineered to ensure exceptional quality for complex optical projects. Our extensive capabilities include optomechanical design, rapid prototyping, fabrication, thin-film coating, metrology, environmental testing, and assembly. We have spent decades creating optical solutions for our customers in virtually every industry, including aerospace, life science, military and defense, automotive, semiconductor, medical, and imaging. 

To learn more about our night vision optics and other capabilities, contact JML today or request a quote.