QuickTurn Optics

Time to market is critical for our customers, so we offer complete assemblies in as little as four weeks.

Why QuickTurn Optics?

When JML embarked on the QTO initiative it focused exclusively on plano and spherical lenses, but we have since discovered an underserved market that wants aspheres, cylinders and assemblies in rapid fashion as well. With JML’s strong engineering focus and speed-to-market mentality we are now delivering engineered multi-element assemblies in 4-8 weeks. In addition, we have successfully delivered engineered cylinder elements in as fast as 1 week from receipt of order.

Our goal is to help our customers be more competitive. Shortening time to market is a critical enabler for our customers and a separator for us.

Customer testimonials

“We have a limited time window to develop, test and deploy new capabilities. Waiting 12 weeks for prototypes and an additional 12 weeks for production quantities simply won’t work in our fast-paced industry. JML Optical delivered 4 prototype lenses in a fraction of the normal lead time, enabling us to meet our deadline for the project.”

“Our business needs to understand designs quickly because if we’re going to fail we need to do it quickly so we can learn from it and make the necessary changes.”

Our goal is to help our customers to be more competitive in any way we can. Increasingly, shortening time-to-market is a critical success factor.

In order to give you the ability to bring new and enhanced products to market even faster we made significant capital and people investments over the past year to build our QuickTurn Optics capability.

How We Do It

  • Dedicated manufacturing cells handle key pinch points
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Dedicated & experienced opticians
  • Vertical Integration
    • Lens Fabrication
    • Coating
    • Metal Machining
    • Optical design & engineering
    • Assembly


Are there quantity maximums and/or minimums?

As few as 1 piece and, as a general rule, up to 10 pieces can be ordered. Your specific design may allow us to quote more than 10 pieces.

When does the quoted lead time start?

The quote lead time covers manufacturing, coating, assembly (as appropriate) and testing. It begins on the latter of receipt/acceptance of your purchase order and completion of final design.

What happens if the committed-to delivery date is not met?

We understand that your schedule is dependent on us meeting our schedule so we only make commitments for which we are highly confident that we can deliver. If there is a delivery slip we will decrease the unit price on a straight-line basis for each week beyond the agreed-to delivery until the price reaches the unit price we quoted for the standard lead time for the same quantity.

Are there restriction/limitations with regard to glass types?

We will do our best to obtain the glass type your design needs. You will know when we quote if glass availability will be a problem. If glass availability is an issue, we are able to review your design and possibly suggest glass substitutes with better availability.

What are wavelength restrictions for QuickTurn Optics?

200nm – 2.4µ

What are the element size restrictions?

As a rule, at least 4mm and up to 150mm outer diameter. But, the details of your specific design may allow us to make a larger diameter optics.

Is there an allowable maximum number of elements in a multi-element assembly?

6-8 elements is the typical upper limit for the number of elements in an assembly. However, the details of your specific design may allow us to quote an assembly with a greater number of elements.

What if my design has elements that JML does not currently have the capability to make in-house (e.g. plastic lenses)?

Our current in-house capabilities include spherical, aspheric, plano, coating, metals, etc. but do not yet include plastic lenses. If the design contains elements for which we do not have in-house capability we will partner with another company. Depending on the other company’s workload, we may or may not be able to promise a 4 week delivery. But, you will know this when we provide our quote.

Are metals for barrels, spacers, etc. restricted to aluminum or can other metals be used?

In addition to aluminum, metals for QuickTurn Optics can also incorporate stainless steel.

Are there limitations regarding the level or amount of testing e.g. MTF, spectral traces, environmentals, 100% vs. AQL inspection?

In most cases, these requirements will not be an issue. Some environmental tests require days to complete. If your testing or inspection requirements will impact delivery, we will let you know when the quote is provided.

Is this for new optics only? What if my supplier falls short or is late on a production order?

We want to help our customers in any situation where they face a delivery or lead time challenge.

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