A large percentage of the earth’s surface has been captured by our optical lenses within both high-resolution aerial, and large-scale ground level imaging systems. And the drone market has taken off in recent years for both amateur and business applications. These drones often carry with them image capture tools, which can include multispectral and LiDAR systems.

Demanding technical specifications

This market demands: Robust housings, high resolution with low distortion over a generous field-of-view, and effective and tough coatings to handle a harsh, outdoor environment. We have pushed nearly to the theoretical limits of performance in large, multi-element lens assemblies to meet challenging client needs; and have done so through multiple rounds of product improvement. Some of our designs have excelled for decades in this market, with older no-longer-made lens assemblies having a cult-like following and being highly coveted.

We are a proven supplier of components and complete assemblies for such viewing and imaging systems as:

  • Large scale aerial image capture systems used in GIS and mapping solutions
  • Large scale ground image capturing systems for visual mapping
  • LiDAR systems for both air and land-based surveying

Examples of JML Optical impact in design and manufacturing:

  • Over 400 lens assemblies in use for aerial imaging systems
  • More than 14,000 50mm EFL F/2.0 general imaging lenses
  • More than 700 million images, representing 3,500+ terabytes of image captured from air and ground systems have passed through our lenses.

Design Hits New Performance Heights

An international aerial imaging company needed a new lens assembly concept that required design and fabrication expertise.

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