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Laboratories, diagnostic clinics, and medical research facilities need optical equipment that can test diagnostics, conduct cutting-edge medical research, create reliable, trusted data, and more. For this to happen scientists must have access to the best optical-based instruments and devices that reliably produce high-resolution images and detect light without error. The following guide explains how JML Optical product solutions enable the equipment professionals in life science need—precision optical components made with the highest-quality materials and strict tolerances.


Optical Assemblies Infographic

There are multiple applications within the life sciences industry that require complex optical instrumentation. Some of those specific areas include:

Genome Sequencing

Genome sequencing involves mapping out genetic sequences for the study of disease states such as cancer and the spatial mapping of RNA and DNA to create deeper insights into research, medicine, and healthcare. Instruments such as fluorescence-based optical imaging systems (i.e., fluorescence microscopes) can help scientists visualize and identify sequences with high precision.

Scientists use fluorescence imaging systems, which can generate a map of genetic markers, allowing them to label specific genetic structures, create images, and stretch molecules during optical DNA mapping (ODM), as examples. Researchers and scientists use genome sequencing instruments for medical diagnostics, pure research, and forensic applications.

Fluorescence Microscope Platforms

Tools like the wide field, confocal fluorescence and multi-photon microscopes are commonplace in life science research applications. Each has its own utility and is typically configured to interrogate samples such as individual and clusters of cells and tissue samples, and provide optical resolution at or below the diffraction limit to derive even greater insights into the function of proteins and other biological entities at the cellular level. To do this, these types of microscopes require specially optics and lens assemblies designed to the highest optomechanical standards to ensure optical images with superior spatial resolution and image contrast.

Fluorescent Probes

Fluorescent probes are color markers that tag compounds in a sample with biological paint. Scientists can apply these probes to a sample to identify unique components or structures. Then, with the right fluorescent microscope, flow cytometry, or PCR technology, researchers can quickly find and start examining tagged elements. “Painting” molecules with dyes in this way is commonly used on cell and tissue samples.

Other Applications That Benefit From the Use of Optics

Some additional applications for optical equipment in the life sciences sector include:

  • Digital pathology
  • Cell imaging and analysis
  • Digital or quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)
  • Flow cytometry
  • Fluorescence detection
  • Near-infrared (NIR) and Raman imaging (e.g., stimulated Raman Scattering; SRS)

JML Optical Product Solutions

JML Optical specializes in designing and manufacturing precision optics, optical lens assemblies and optics modules for life science research instrumentation. We serve and support life science OEM instrument developers with industry-leading technical solutions to their most challenging design problems. Throughout the entire concept to volume production process, we partner with trusted OEM engineers to design and deliver product solutions that solve their optics problems and enable them to contract product development cycles and remain on time and on budget.

At JML, we’re proud to serve the following:

  • Global life sciences companies
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Disruptive medical device startups
  • And more

Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and biology by providing high-quality, reliable optical product solutions our customers can use to improve lives across the world. If your team is looking for advanced optical imaging products, JML Optical is here to help. Contact us online or call 585.248.8900 to learn more, or request a quote today.