Advantages of Aspherical Lenses

A spherical lens has a spherical surface and uniform radius of curvature across the entire lens. Deviating slightly from a spherical shape, an aspherical lens has a surface that gradually…read more

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3 Things to Look for in an Optical Lens Manufacturer

Before choosing an optical lens manufacturer, you need to understand the function of your desired lens assembly. The lens design must be manufacturable and deliver the required performance. Regardless of…read more

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What Are Thin-Film Optical Coatings?

Applied to optical substrates like glass, thin-film optical coatings alter the material’s optical properties. The goal of every optical thin-film coating is to change the transmittance  and reflectance properties of…read more

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Aspherical Lens Design Considerations

An aspherical lens is a type of lens characterized by a radius of curvature that varies from edge to center. While spherical lenses have a uniform radius of curvature at…read more

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The Optics Manufacturing Process

At JML Optics, we rely on a precision grind-and-polish approach to craft custom cylindrical, spherical, aspherical, and flat lenses. In this technique, we use a progressive series of abrasive media…read more

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Cinematographic Lenses in The Entertainment Industry

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The Optics Prototyping Process at JML

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Aerial Imagery Applications

Limitations of Standard Optics in Aerial Imagery Applications

As a leading provider of precision-engineered optical solutions, JML Optical offers a full selection of services including opto-mechanical design, thin-film coating, glass and metal fabrication, prototyping, environmental testing, metrology, and…read more

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Lens Options At JML Optical

Since 1972, JML Optical has been a leading provider of precision-engineered custom optical lenses for a variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, life science, automotive, entertainment, imaging, and medicine. Through…read more

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Infrared night view

The Importance of Night Vision Tech

Click to Expand For more than 40 years, JML Optical has pioneered the development and manufacturing of advanced precision lenses and optical solutions. We specialize in rapid design and prototyping…read more

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Acylinder Semiconductor

Optics in the Semiconductor Industry

JML Optical has been delivering custom-engineered optical solutions for nearly 50 years and is one of the leading optical manufacturers in America. We provide rapid design, prototyping, and fabrication services…read more

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mitigate supply chain risk

Tips to Mitigate Supply Chain Risk

Tips to Mitigate Risk Here are some tips and best practices that you can follow to mitigate risks in the optical supply chain: Manage Environmental Risk Environmental risk is defined…read more

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How Does Rapid Prototyping Benefit Optical Manufacturing?

In the product manufacturing sector, speed is key. As new technologies are developed and introduced on a seemingly day-to-day basis, companies must continuously strive to shorten their development cycle to…read more

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International Day of Light Infographic

Celebrating the International Day of Light With JML Optical

  From everyone at JML Optical, we cordially invite you to join us on May 16th to celebrate the third annual International Day of Light! What Is the International Day…read more

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Cross-section image of a cylinder lens assembly

Acylinders vs. Cylinders

Optical lenses are transparent materials used to refract light waves and control light beams. Two common types of optical lenses include cylinder lenses and acylinder lenses, and which one you…read more

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Bruker Lens Assembly

Planning an Optical Assembly? Here’s What to Consider When Looking for a Solutions Provider

Optical assemblies play a critical role in the function of optical systems. As a result, they must be designed and engineered carefully to ensure they operate and perform as intended…read more

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Isometric image of a cylinder lens assembly.

Applications of Cylindrical Lenses Across Different Industries

An optical lens is a transparent glass material used to bend (refract) light waves and is used to guide, control, and focus light beams. They are designed and manufactured in…read more

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Spherical vs. Aspheric Lenses: How They’re Used in Imaging Applications

The following article focuses on spherical and aspherical lenses, outlining their distinct properties, key benefits, and typical applications. Spherical Lenses Spherical lenses—also sometimes referred to as singlets—are optical lenses that…read more

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