We have over five decades of proven performance in addressing the most challenging of optical design and manufacturing requirements within multiple markets. We also continuously improve our processes and resources to get better results out of less effort.

Whether you have the design and need to verify it for efficient manufacturability; or we take your product’s concept and develop a clean sheet solution, our team of engineering and manufacturing experts work with you to help your business and product remain competitive.


With our focus on highly engineered custom glass optics, we have the experience and expertise in producing consistent world class glass solutions. Our specialty is in the glass manufacturing of Cylinders, Aspherical, Spherical, and Plano/Flats. In addition, we can take those elements, machine the housings, and completely build the finished lens assembly.


With JML having everything under one roof, you simplify and streamline your optical supply chain. From expert optical / opto-mechanical engineering design, to skilled fabrication, thin-film coating, clean room assembly of complex builds, advance metrology to verify results, and environmental testing to assure robustness. You have one company addressing your needs. Fewer external handoffs and less wasted time. Concept to Prototype to Production in one place.


Each type of glass is made within its own manufacturing cell, where generating, grinding, and polishing is done by one small team. There are no handoff delays, no passing poor workmanship onto the next person. These teams are empowered and accountable to maximize the productivity and quality of their work. There is an interferometer on the shop floor for quick spot quality control checks. From the cell’s completed work, the optical components then go to our Centering Cell.


JML Optical prides itself on our world-class engineering and manufacturing staff. We continue to invest in our employees through internal cross-training opportunities and with our apprentice/education partnerships through local educational institutions. Staying competitive requires the ability to attract and retain top talent. There is no better place to draw this top workforce talent from than the community we live and work in. Rochester, NY is the premier optics, photonics and imaging capital of the world, and has been so for over a century.

JML’s Design Engineering team has 99% of their advanced optical and mechanical engineering degrees (MS or PhD) obtained for our local college degreed programs.

JML’s Fabrication and Metrology departments have either optical or engineering degrees, apprentice program training, or extensive optical work experience obtained locally.

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