Our Expertise

JML Optical is a premier engineered optical solutions provider located in Rochester, NY. We are in the top 10% of optical manufacturers in the country.

Under one roof, we offer:

  • Precision custom optical & opto-mechanical design engineering
  • Manufacturing of glass optics, components, and assemblies in the four primary glass shapes: plano, spherical, aspherical, and cylindrical.
  • Fabrication of lens housings & complex assembly capability
  • Thin-film coating
  • Metrology
  • Environmental testing


View the short video to learn more about JML’s capabilities, expertise, and the markets we serve.

Wide Range of Experience

We can meet your needs in custom glass optics for:

  • Precision Systems and Assemblies
  • Design engineering
  • Aspherical
  • Spherical
  • Cylindrical
  • Plano/Flat
  • Thin-Film Coating

We pride ourselves on being best in class, offering consistent quality optical solutions that meet customer product development needs. In addition, we have a proven expedited production model that covers both optical components and assemblies for fast deliveries. Learn more about QuickTurn Optics 

Prototype to Production

From prototype to production, with an emphasis on speed of delivery to you, we succeed in even the most challenging of projects.

Founded in 1972, JML Optical has a workforce of over 90 highly educated, skilled, and dedicated employees, working within a modern 70,000 sq. ft. design and manufacturing center. Our skilled optical and mechanical engineering staff have the know-how to solve the most challenging of projects. And our innovation has pushed the theoretical optical design limits to get results. We focus on partnering with you to effectively address your product’s needs.

JML is a privately-owned company.

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