JML Optical has a long history as a valued supplier of optical components for the semiconductor industry.

Back in the 70’s, Moore’s law predicted the number of transistors on an integrated circuit board doubles every 18 months. Since then, the Semiconductor industry has led the way and allowed for the miniaturization of most all other product developments in use today. As this industry continues to compress more and more into chips and integrated printed circuit boards, new methods of fabrication have to be created. From the photolithography subtractive (etching) process to new additive processes, and possibly supplemented by 3-D printing in the future. The current revolution is the photonics PCB that can run even smaller, without the problem of electrical resistance heat buildup.

Cutting-edge miniaturization

A constant in this evolution of cutting-edge miniaturization is the challenge to monitor the quality and yield of such ‘smallness.’ The necessity for high yield, ultra-clean processing of tiny components has created many challenges to the suppliers of the supporting manufacturing technologies. Among such technologies is the use of specialized optical systems to assist both in the fabrication and the inspection of semiconductors.

JML Optical has been a valued supplier of optical components within this industry for many decades. Ironically, some of the largest optical components we make are used in production of tiny semiconductors. The optics we make have allowed us to grow within this market of ever-shrinking products.

Expertise & Experience

We are a proven supplier of components and complete assemblies for such systems as:

  • Robotic vision control
  • PCB manufacturing and inspection systems
  • Wafer pattern detection monitoring
  • Reticle defect inspection
  • Process control and yield management systems

Examples of JML Optical impact in Semiconductor markets:

  • Made over 2000 large optics used for wafer inspection
  • JML has supplied over 50 customers in this market during the past 12 months

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