Aerospace & Defense

From our start, JML Optical has been supporting applications and systems in the aerospace and defense markets.

JML Optical’s ITAR registration, re-certification to the latest ISO 9001:2015, and DFM/DFA qualifies us as a trusted domestic resource within the government agency and military supply chains.

Tight tolerances, robust design & consistent quality

This market requires a dependable, yet flexible supply chain partner, as dictated by the ups and downs of the government procurement processes. Tight tolerances, robust design, and consistent quality are musts for products upon which lives depend. JML’s optical and opto-mechanical engineering department has contributed through all phases of multiple government-driven procurements: from initial design through DFM and DFA and full quantity production. Our in-house environmental testing gives us the ability to verify that the design is robust in tough field conditions.

We are a proven supplier of components and complete assemblies for such viewing and imaging systems as:

  • Night vision goggles
  • Range finders
  • Gun scopes
  • Heads-up displays
  • Laser guidance
  • Periscopes/Prism viewing systems
  • Drone vision/imaging systems
  • Security cameras

Examples of JML Optical impact in design and manufacturing:

  • Complex prism viewing system for armored weapon vehicles
  • Robust flats for window systems
  • Components for heads-up displays within fighter aircraft
  • Night vision assemblies to withstand the rigors of extreme weather conditions
  • Weapon optics hardened against recoil
  • Over 2,000 61mm EFL f/7.0 lenses delivered
  • For the past 12 months, we have had over 150 clients that we integrate into for this mission sensitive market.

Innovation In Manufacturing

A large defense contractor was not able to find a vendor that could consistently manufacture a critical mirror component for their product.

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