A global company that builds world-class products for scanning solutions discovered a problem after moving a product from the design phase into prototype development. During this phase, it became apparent that the complexity of the multiple optical systems production was beyond the capabilities of any single optical manufacturer. The product included aspheres, cylinders, achromatics, mirrors, and prisms, requiring critically tight tolerances.


JML suggested that the client choose a single optical vendor to “own” the project. JML offered to be that vendor; producing some of the components, sourcing others, and taking responsibility for the quality and timely delivery of the entire suite of optical solutions. The company agreed and made a short list of companies able to take on this leadership role. Through an extensive audit process, including on-site inspections of facilities and business processes, JML was selected as the sole optics partner.


JML ensured that all optical components consistently met product specifications, quality metrics, and delivery timelines. The product was successfully launched on schedule, with lower costs than initially projected. This client continues to use JML Optical as their lead fabrication vendor and optical supply chain manager.