An international company specializing in world-class scanning solutions identified an issue after transitioning their product from design to prototyping. They recognized the complexities involved in the production process went beyond the capabilities of a solitary optical manufacturer. This particular product consisted of a series of cylinders, aspheres, mirrors, prisms, and achromats with extremely tight tolerances. Several of these components featured unusual geometries that made fabrication and testing a challenge.

To produce the best possible results, the customer needed more than just an optics vendor. They needed a partner to manage every aspect of the optical supply chain. This customer’s industry requires rigorous quality audits of first- and sub-tier suppliers. In searching for the ideal partner, the customer completed an extensive audit process entailing on-site inspections of facilities and business processes. Upon completion of the audit, the customer chose JML Optical as their sole optics partner because of our ability to own all project parts as a single vendor.


Upon reviewing the challenges faced by this customer, JML suggested that the customer select a single optical vendor to own the project and offered to serve as that vendor. Several vendors made the customer’s shortlist, and after an extensive audit, they chose JML as the sole provider. When the customer turned to us, our experts at JML Optical worked with them to find the best solution for each individual component. In the process, JML Optical fabricated some parts in-house and outsourced manufacturing for others. We conducted in-depth, on-site audits of sub-tier suppliers to meet the customer’s high industry standards and assure quality. 

As the customer’s sole vendor, we supplied all components and facilitated the quality checks and timely delivery of the customer’s full suite of optical solutions. In choosing JML as their partner, the customer was able to manage and complete their complex project through a single provider — greatly simplifying the production process. We provided them with the solutions they needed based on their unique specifications.


Throughout the project, JML worked to ensure that every optical component met product specifications, delivery timelines, and quality expectations. As a result, the customer successfully launched the product on time, with costs that were lower than originally anticipated. The customer reported complete satisfaction with our work and has repeatedly returned to us for project partnerships as their sole optical supply chain manager and fabrication vendor. 

As this customer’s primary partner and best supplier, we go above and beyond to keep them consistently satisfied. We provide similar services and solutions for other customers and guarantee the same commitment to quality and satisfaction. Our partners benefit greatly from JML’s many years of collective experience in managing all aspects of optical component supplies and assemblies.  

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At JML Optical, our ability to serve as a single vendor allows us and our partners to own every aspect of a project from production and sourcing of components to the timely and quality delivery of each product. We work to give our customers unique solutions based on the needs of both their company and their industry at large. Our goal is to provide consistent satisfaction giving you the confidence to choose us as your lead vendor and long-term partner. 

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