Lights! Cameras! Action! So starts another story, which is most likely captured through the optical components from JML. 

Chances are you have also been entertained by movies and broadcast shows shot with professional cameras, using lenses made by JML.

Image capture and projection

The professional image capture and projection systems require ultra-high quality precision optical lenses. This market demands: Robust housings, high resolution with low distortion over a generous field-of-view, and effective and tough coatings to handle a harsh, outdoor environments.

We are a proven supplier of components and complete assemblies for such viewing and imaging systems as:

  • Professional grade motion picture cameras lenses
  • Movie theater lenses that project wide-screen

Examples of JML Optical impact in design and manufacturing:

  • High quality design and build of specialized Cylindrical lenses for professional camera and movie projector systems
  • We have long-standing partnerships in supporting the optical needs of the entertainment industry

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