Gerry Lynch 1924-2017



The JML Optical Family said goodbye to one of its first and very accomplished employee this year.
Gerry Lynch was with JML when we opened our doors in 1972 and spent the next 45 years working with us.
She was one of the very first female students to attend classes at the University of Rochester’s
Institute of Optics – before women were allowed to receive degrees in the program.

Gerry was an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Optical Society of America’s Rochester Chapter, of which she served as Treasurer.
During her career she utilized over 14 different lens design programs, including CodeV which she taught herself in her 80’s.
She designed zoom lenses used in most home movie cameras in the 1950s – 1960’s and one that was launched into space in an RCA satellite.
She was a contributing designer of the original Xerox 914 copier lens that helped launch the successful Rochester company.
Designing lenses from the near UV through the visible and into the near infrared, she designed thousands of lenses for zoom
and non-zoom imaging applications including telescopes, scan lenses, projectors, and microscopes.

As we celebrate the life of this remarkable woman,
we thank County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo for acknowledging her accomplishments
by making May 23rd Gerry Lynch Day in Monroe County.